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I’m Designer employed in Newspaper industry intended for past 7 years. I usually talk with tools like QuarkXpress, InDesign, Corel, Illustrator in addition to Photoshop.

Its high time for me to read some thing of the web.

I read many articles over the internet about web creating or web progress, I’m not clear of it.

Please tell me for just a person like my home with this(print) backdrop what is need to read in the field of web.

Is it possible please briefly explain the structure plus its parts that complete a web or what part can i focus on. How good is usually W3Schools Online Web Tutorials in learning web designing.

Many thanks


i am never pro or community at web designing but i think i’ve got ideas i can reveal.

because you already have style and design background.. i think all you’ve got to learn now is the right way to slice and code your design directly into html page.

i would would suggest to read and find out about html and css/xhtml and you should be ready quickly


In the event you already have the design background, and they are privvy to any kind of CS2 or upward Adobe product, I had say play along with Fireworks. It already posses a way for exporting design to xHTML. Yet what a quick and quick route. As jays0n claimed, I would super star by learning WEB CODING, more appropriately, that xHTML 1. ONE PARTICULAR Strict standards, in addition to CSS 2. 1 certainly.

I started out looking at primary entry-level tutorials and flew after that. W3Schools is the conventional of every WEB CODING document, no make a difference the version. They’re definitely an awesome starting place, in addition, they’re really well written.

Once you begin to comprehend the limits and also possibilities of CSS and HTML, you’ll know very well what you can along with can’t do as part of your designs. Definitely commence with HTML, then proceed to CSS when you’re comfortable using your skills.

In the event you ever have the question just ask here within the forums, I’m verifying daily, literally lol.

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