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I’d like to build an exclusive website that users need a password to take over and I want to link it to somewhat of a database with your intention of eventually setting up a dashboard. Could anyone give me a thought of the first task I would need to take

What is the starting knowledge Searching to create something from scratch or have you been willing to apply existing frameworks to start this What other functionality are you wanting to create Utilize Joomla or Drupal seeing that your base system if you want to use a construction. Cheers.

I do believe that your question is extremely general) can people ask anything specific)

ASP. NET has a few free chart/graph controls you can use, as well as a technique to secure your blog.

4GuysFromRolla. com: Using Microsoft’s Chart Adjustments In An ASP. INTERNET Application: Using your Chart Controls together with ASP. NET MVC
Internet. config file to be able to password protect a directory in almost any ASP. net internet site

Aside from that, as others have brought up, you’ll have to become lot more specific as to what you’re right after.

What type of information, and which kind of graphs

Greetings smoseley,

My starting knowledge can be quite fundamental. Yes, I would really prefer to start the following from scratch. With regards to other functionality, I am just starting so I have to get some more suggestions. Thank you to the suggestions!

My apologies andrew2833 We are very new to the present. I will endeavor to be more specific from now on. Thank you to your input.

Greetings TheGAME1264,

Thanks to the link. I am viewing it out right now. Point taken.

Greetings mlseim,

I’d like to include data just like order numbers, gear numbers, and statuses. At first mostly column charts along with pie charts but since it progresses I’d plan to have more sophisticated such things as bullet charts, etc.

How about while using free Google Data API

Search engine Chart Tools / Impression Charts (aka Graph API) – Yahoo Code

google sites for example

Merlin7: should you be new to " this" (whatever " this" is), graphing and that type of thing is usually not the amount of task you’ll want to start with. You’ll need to discover ways to retrieve and optimize retrieval of the data first, determine things like this, and you usually takes on pretty images afterward.

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