Problematic .MOV

Hi presently there! I have a problem concerning a. MOV movie file.

My client gave me a. MOV video to do business with. That vid useful on his Apple (using Quicktime MY PARTNER AND I suppose). Problem is actually, it’s just possibly not recognized by any software Concerning on any

PC I gain access to.
I tried to play it on: Quicktime (latest version), VLC Battler, Windows Media Gamer (I’m desprate), AVS Movie Converter, Koyote Movie Converter.
Nothing works to date. Any suggestions Bless you!

Thus, is it embedded in the web page, or maybe straight off the actual drive If it’s embedded with a page, that may occur the cause. It’s better to search with Youtube or something like it for like that. If you’re just dealing with straight off this drive… I can’t allow you to on that. Apples are just odd. while are the folks that swear by these…

Nah, it’s off the drive. I own this unreadable. mov movie…

Thanks anyway!!!

Possibly it was encoded being a. mov with an older format. You’d consider the newest QT might run it, but Concerning seen the header to the file get corrupted by attempting to open it by using vlc player.

Look at anysoft video converter, might be capable of open it along with export it towards a
Legible format. Worth any try.

Thanks Webzarus, I will ever try that!

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