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Simply wondering if every creative directors/project managers on the market can recommend a good " free" program which i can use to help me better manage all my work and the job that the those that report to me personally are doing


Type work
I’m asking because this coding forum aren’t the right venue.

I’d recommend Asana at the moment, though it is still in beta stage:

http: //asana. com/

It is very impressive computer software, we haven’t included it in at work since it lacks things like time sheet technology, but it looks promising for any future, and can be free.

These have an impressive founding as well, such as Justin Rosenstein, whom worked for The search engines and Facebook, who co-founded the provider with Dustin Moskovitz, whom co founded Facebook or myspace.

http: //www. vimeo. com/watchv=YgguuSn8gOw& feature=player_embedded is certainly one of how it’s used.

mlseim: the for managing style and design projects.

ganners: i’ve signed up for the beta involving asana. i’ll show you how it computes.


SVN-ish ecosystem with awesome includes. Although I don’t think it’s free

This rocks though! Totally significant.

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