PSD to HTML Best Practices?

Howdy All

I wondered when anyone knew a good post/resource for psd to be able to html best practices.

I’m not just a beginner, but get handed a large number of small/medium, simple-ish sites that basically just have cutting up and piecing together.

I *know* there must be shortcuts and ideal practices for achieving this as people take action all day for a living and the item must take them a v short amount of time.

So im in search of insight into suggestions, best practices, common ways of working, for psd for you to html, for simple websites Any links/resources and also little knols very useful

Thanks quite definitely!

I just herb the images (NEVER the particular Photoshop code) after which code the layout by hand from there.

Mind you, I include several CSS documents already prepared intended for default settings, so it increases my time considerably.

Photoshop has code Wow used to do not know which.

Do you mean like resets And also stylesheets prepared beyond doubt basic framework layouts you stay with for some jobs

Stylesheets that sign up for layouts regardless of the type of layout it is actually.

In addition to yes, Photoshop (or that they are more accurate, ImageReady) offers code. It’s very bad code, but it is code.

wow i really didn’t understand that at all and then for once don’t feel irritated at all that i would’ve known about or even used that.. even the name looks mickey mouse.. wow.

.. i would drop this but this feels like a riddle so we are intrigued haha am i qualifing for the term " reset" for this sort of stylesheet wrong including.. eric meyer reset to zero etc or not organization the right matter

I’ve never heard the word before. So WHEN I can’t really opinion.

Fundamentally, I have a series of stylesheets in a new default-css folder i move from site to site. I also have a blank HTML CODE page structure which i draw from.

I just recently found this particular article, which helped me considerably as an illustrator arranging a Photoshop document for a coder. This document also mentions " that grid system", which has been a huge help to my advice in designing Squidoo themes.

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