Putting a scroll bar WITHIN the site

Is there an easy way of putting some sort of scroll bar inside a section of your site to enable you to have 2 copy:

still left column = fixed length image
right column = scroll bar to let for text being longer versus the image

Employing CSS, define the dimensions of one’s < div> locations, and use:
flood: auto;

That will instantly display a scroll icon if it want to really standout one.

I really recommend you find methods to display your content without scrollbar(s), but I realize in most cases, that’s not likely. Any time anyone add navigation that will makes people perform harder (like scrollbars), you will discover that users wouldn’t use them… they’ll most probably just leave your page. I know this could sound condescending, nonetheless assume every person is lazy. Design your web page so users need not think about whatever. Scrollbars require thinking and skill.

Many thanks mlseim – WHEN I hadn’t realised it turned out that easy.

Essentially, I probably consider your comments about scroll bars – specifically for long pages. Nonetheless, I’m about to complete a site the location where the customer wants to get minimal info plus a very clean layout – to the odd page where the info might overflow by the line or 2 the scroll bar could maintain your text on the proper hand column the same height as that image ont your dog left hand column.

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