Q? Website through Fireworks cs4!?

And so, I’ve built this kind of decent website as a result of Fireworks cs4 & it can be functional about 25 pages. The only problem is when it lots, it loads with like strips along with boxes, the person We’ve built it for doesn’t like this, Does anyone get any suggestions on easy methods to fix this: -\

Got a website I’m curious as to how fireworks constraints this. I apply FW for layouts and always pondered. But I doubt there exists anything you can apply.

Hello.. about fireworks i just now know it is better use for Lowering the website.. based on your Image size, Header, Footer Plus the Text and other elements with the web-page: thumbsup:
and rest of the coding is edited within Dream Weaver..

Sorry for your slow reply.

This website also oftentimes loads the content slower then standard sites. I decide on Fireworks for your Website because POST find it less complicated to incorporate many graphics and a variety of designs around textual content and drop-down choices. As well to be able to apply Fireworks easy drop-down menu tool.

This link is world wide web. cashwell. net Please explain to me what people think, and what people think I can do to increase the stripy loading process.

Thanks plenty!

Wow, I’ve never used Fireworks to design a page and after this I’m not sure I ever could (I’m sure it’s it’s uses).

It’s got split the picture up into many separate Images, adding them in man or women table cells. I’m sure we have a way to preload the many images from a new loading page using Javascript but I dont knowledge (Also this could really screw first load times).

My fix is usually to stick that Image back together, get those bits connected with images out that table cells. Put a div box across the table cells (fixed width to maintain with the menus) and position the whole image since the background for that DIV.

You will then have got to build another div proverbial box inside for site content in just about every page and place in content as copy – this seems to be getting thrown out there as image strip too.

For the load speeds… I didn’t notice any problems : loads pretty easy my end – purchase a better connection. To speed it up reduce the caliber of the image if you have done the earlier mentioned – although fill times should improve between pages any way because the background images might be being reused concerning pages.

Merely were you I’d start doing web pages in Dreamweaver, FW might generate menus for you personally but you can apply the same thing having a menu plugin out of adobe exchange As well as Dreamweaver spus out better code, plus explains how to undertake it.

I hate to say it but in all honesty I would start again with the site, do that in DW, utilize div boxes possibly not table cells, You have done the vast majority of hard work… received images, content, structure etc. Site design looks excellent, If you remodel the code as DIVS with the ground up along with put text throughout as text, load times can get better, will be less difficult to update in addition to wont go all stripy giving you.

Allow us to know what you choose to do and how you will get on.

dappaD said all this, the best thing to do is start through in dreamweaver, in case you have a basic perception of it it need to only take you a number of hours to do seeings the way you already have this disign, layout and images you might need

Wow, i loaded that page and shat bricks Yeah dreamweaver is defitily tips on how to do it with out sliced images through the entire page, and while squiz said them shouldnt take which long to reasemble.

And so, I’m gonna commence to redo this web site this weekend. I just now have a very few questions as this web designing background mainly include things like XHTML, CSS, Adobe, and WordPress. What is the best way to create the drop-down menus

First of, search engines won’t ever find your website, the entire matter is images. Seek out bots ignore photos.

Your problem has nothing to do with fireworks, or your skill for a developer. Since your entire page is a good image or mix off images, rather, it’ll just take a little longer for visitor’s cell phone to download the particular images. What you might be seeing is just that.

It’s not something that can be quickly and very easily fixed. You would need to remake the complete website.

In case you are worried about people today not being qualified to find your web site, then I suggest making a small paragraph somewhere with your homepage giving a description with the website with a few keywords added throughout there. Must often be in text nevertheless, can’t be within an image.

As I said in the past, if you have Dreamweaver you can download a extension from adobe exchange to build the menus for you personally. You can can them in css http: //www. lwis. net/free-css-drop-down-menu/ I am going to be honest, I haven’t checked this page out but it was the very first thing to come upward in google and appears to be it does what you look for. If not go back to google. Google could be the web designers close friend. There is also a post with these forums complete with CSS navigation courses: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/web_… /40_css_based_navigation_tutorials_34474. html

I dont knowledge long you were at web design but Concerning been at it for two years now and each day I still discover things which help you save me time efforts and make greater sites. I dont know what your deal with your client is but they want a site now and also you should look soon after them. If you haven’t this occassion then in long term charge a monthly site maintenance fee along with hosting. This offers you a steady salary and means you possibly can apply your brand new knowledge to people existing sites although expanding your abilities.

In case you are anything like me personally, my guess is you have thrown yourself in along at the deep end, probably under priced the task (at least for that time you’ve spent) so are pretty pi$ed at requiring you to start again. Within the plus side you will have done a not bad job by just about all accounts. Learn traditional hunting had, keep going and mostly always remember to look after the shopper, a thousand leaflets is never as effective united recommendation from your satisfied customer. In 6 months you’ll be churning out sites of the much higher typical, in less time period and still wishing you had done things in another way to – thats the best way it goes.


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