Quantity discounts

We’ve an e-commerce internet site om webs. com. I use Paypal as my checkout. Is there how to automatically calculate number discounts for this product

Probably not. PayPal isn’t built for the as such. They may be just built regarding " take purchase items, process monthly payment, send user back again. "

In order for you that, you’re going to have to find any host that offers some sort of server-side programming terminology (PHP, ASP, ASP. Web, etc. ) and understand the language so as to calculate the discounts on your own end and then send the consumer to PayPal to get payment. And that means you’re going to must pay for hosting.

Same task goes for your current shipping question.

Any suggestions for just a new host Additionally, will I lose my search engine rankings changing up to a new host Thanks.

Not if you ever transfer the particular correctly (don’t shut down the old host until the website shows up properly for the new host for at least 24 hours) therefore you ensure that your site’s structure will be intact.

online world. sectorlink. com < — there exists my suggestion. Been using them over 9 years now. They steel.

Thanks much. I am likely to check them away.

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