Question for essay feedback needed.

Howdy all, so for our next university job I have to create a question to do with our media region mine being world wide web. Once we hold the question we should produce a 2000 word illustrated essay for the question and also argue the issue.

I deciding on this question and wish the communities thought’s at it.

That question is: Has the demand to get more interactive and strong based website’s created the content aspect to get lost

Want what you guys think to the question, in case I was prompting you the concern what would your current answer be

Thank’s all.

I don’t know how you’re going to extract 2000 words out of this topic, because of the answer to my home is pretty easy.

Absolutely no, it hasn’t, for just two reasons:

1) You’ll still need content for a website. No matter what happens, the content can be foundation. You can’t bypass this. If your content sucks, your site sucks, regardless of how pretty it might be or how quite a few things may flash within the screen.

2) " Interactive and dynamic-based websites" usually allow users in order to input content. Case in point: this thread. You posted your content material, a database gain access to was created, and then the rest people can retrieve the content dependant on certain parameters (in this case, the ID in the the URL from the thread and possibly the slug).

Once more, I have absolutely no idea how you’ll get to 2000 words with this one. I’d be really interested to read it just to see how anyone did it.

thanks a lot for the reply, I agree on hand, Im finding it hard to consider of a beneficial question, I think for a question it is actually ok (would you agree with the choice involving question), a struggle can be trying to set-up enough wording with the essay.

I think I will dispute my question inside essay, like you correctly said we have to have content or the foundation of a website isn’t present in fact it is nothing more over a attraction, so I could explain why all of us need the content and where websites are going based on that.

I for a single believe websites are becoming more content based plus much more simple as users only desire to get straight to the issue.

If you’re likely to pick a topic that you may argue, and one that might stir up loads of debate, don’t target the design but rather the marketing. Focus on such things as the scams, this cheap SEO maneuvers, the things people achieve that actually work and also why they perform, and that type of thing.

You could get to 2000 words and phrases without even batting an eyelash just by going to Digital Point community forums and commenting on many of the bad advice.

Hi there Callum France, your essay assignment got my attention as I’m in college at the same time for web style. I’m not so sure regarding the relation between active and dynamic websites in this case, but if you still want to run with this idea then I might be able to help you out. When I take note of the phrase " involved website" I imagine sites that are generally Flash based with numerous animations, audio and video, and video games. Although I was a confirmed lover for Flash subject material, no particular motive either, I have found that most these websites are lacking within the content department. Lots of people agree with my family, others don’t, and even some scorn us for my liking of Flash. Suppliers, I’ve never found an interactive website this was more concentrated within the content and fewer on the amazing features. You may be able to turn your disagreement into something here. Let us understand how it turns away. I’d be in excess of interested to perceive the thoughts from someone inside same general community of web development.

Yh it can be defitnitly a tough task, but until now I think i am doing ok with it, just put up a poll regarding my research, and i trust you chris, I’ve seen some prerrt bad websites who have abused flash plus just ruined the website, however I additionally think if used in small ammounts and also to have a purpose on the site it can possibly be great.

Well this is my essay until now, sorry for almost any gramma or punctuation troubles, feel free to supply it a learn and hopefully it will likely be a interesting go through, it is certainly not finished yet but not final but i highly recommend you give it the read and let me know your oppinion if it can be decent.

Your effort into this is more than obvious and my applause goes toward you. The only thing I might suggest at this stage is usually to proofread your function. I found one or two misspellings and being in college myself, I realize that some professors are definitely interested in proper grammar a lot more than they are substantive articles. Also, I discover you went straight into dynamic websites, but didn’t definitely define what they’re. So here’s the contribution.


Dynamic pages are the pages that adjust dynamically. Dynamic pages can change whenever when they will be loaded without generating any changes. Dynamic web sites can also alter their content dependant on what user perform, like clicking upon some text or perhaps an image. Should the information stored inside database changes, the net page connected on the database change consequently and automatically without human intervention. Vibrant sites are wonderful for image galleries, online calendars or e-commerce or anything else.

http: //www. roseindia. net/services/webdesigning/corporatewebsitedesign/What-is-dynamic-websites. shtml

Yes, my spelling and grammar isn’t so great, I’m currently checking that now, Appreciate the reply you have done chris, I will definitely put this particular in but lso are word it for my own ring needs.

Kind regards callum.

I realize I hate typing reports myself. That program Receive Dragon seems really nice to have right now.

You’re missing a complete section of textual content here, dude.

It isn’t really a bad get started. I’m actually fascinated that you located two pages in this. My big problem, though, is we don’t really notice where your essay will be.

Ok thanks a lot for the response TheGAME, really appreciate easy to understand you had a glance, I realise spelling isn’t perfect yet, I’ve done some more until now, so hopefully I could get a beneficial conclusion in and make an attempt to make it greater for monday (deadline).

Of which wasn’t a transliteration error. It seems as if a portion on the sentence or paragraph got truncated in between "… guardian on" and " been intending at… "

Guess I must have made that more clear.

ah yes my misunderstanding there, I h

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