Without doubt everyone,

I was merely wondering for folks who are superior in wd what I would need to know how to make use of to make a niche site like this you Tae kwon Accomplish Academy in Sherman Oaks Lions Taekwondo

Constructive criticism appreciated!


Notepad and understanding of HTML / CSS.

Don’t forget your mandatory dose of Jquery gimmicks. Plus illustrator to the logo and some other graphic details.

Thank heavens there is no writing skill involved. You can just type generic drivel.

Should you aren’t too frustrated about fancying the item up; Photoshop, Notepad (or your fav code editor) and a couple of hours!

Even so with respect, imho the planning on that web site isn’t too spectacular… it could start using a little work surrounding the edges.

Really I wouldn’t make an effort to copy that site in any respect. Start a fresh

Thanks for all you feedback. Appreciated

I would really prefer to know how an banner effect is conducted. What program was used for your

That’s an image rotator. Can be carried out with standard Javascript as well as Jquery.

D): All the above.
Though don’t totally believe RickM, it’s possibly not that shabby, especially when compared with other martial martial arts disciplines / gym web pages, it’s pretty appealing on first look (logo’s good nonetheless yeah, size could be increased). Not a awful first site to work with as ‘inspiration’ to your own. Good luck!


a Jquary script has been used to attain the rotating pictures.

A minute of HTML, an excellent design and CSS helps make this effortless.

As others are saying, understanding of HTML and CSS to generate the layout. In addition, Dreamweaver would often be helpful.

In addition, some type associated with image editing software in making the images.

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