Questions about setting up website.

Hi there, I am brand new here. I have got once designed a few webpages before seeing that my hobby. On the other hand, I lost touch using the changing technology inside web development for a lot of years. So now We would like your help by using my questions. I’ve been programming NI LabView for SOME years. I have developed a labview program that will to make internet connections to mySQL, query and display the actual result. However it is not really feasible to put it to use as it is cumbersome to install labview run-time-engine throughout every PC intended for my colleagues make use of it. I am pondering webpages as every PC has internet browser. I have previously installed PHP in addition to apache for developing and testing. But I am not sure how the coding must be because I’d like the webpage trend like the page for the labview. Here are usually my questions below:
1) within the same page you’ll find 2 areas. Inside top area you’ll find 2 listboxes that every would me to pick databases and analyze for selected database. Whatever is decided on, will update the actual changes in two tabs inside bottom area.
2) Inside bottom area, you’ll find 2 tabs that every worked differently.
3) Once i choose the particular item inside first tab, there should be updates in the 2nd tab.

Precisely what advices would you have for me, regarding my questions
2 framesets are the wiser choice for top and underside areas Will that server-side scripting function

Honestly, WE wouldn’t budge till I heard a purpose — some reasonable objects laying entirely outside the realm of engineering. I’d probably continue asking " why" until the challenge was canceled for deficiency of a reason that will exist.

What version are you currently using.

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