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Hi I’m pretty new to web page design (but a incredibly experienced programmer) and I’m creating a pretty simple wordpress blog to get a friend. Take a look if you need: http: //beachief. com/. Right this moment he has any domain mapped to a wordpress. com bill, so I don’t have a access to jacks or custom themes. This is what he wants me to include:

A like/dislike function for all posts
One section together with 2 blog columns also (not supported through the theme)
The power to have users log in and post his or her content

My question is: is this stuff possible to do with a wordpress. com account Or maybe will he must switch to an independently hosted squidoo. org site Well then , i’ll know what you think, thanks

I would say you can’t do anything without access.

Let him are aware that he can sign up for a webhost for less than $40 a calendar year.
Which is pretty cheap.. TWELVE gallons of gas

If he randomly chooses a webhost for example cleverdot. com, they want an automatic script
installer… installations WP automatically. You just manage the theme, and
certainly, you have full having access to all files, plugins, whatever you might like to do.


Many thanks, we actually did find themselves going that route.

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