‘Quote of the day’ code?

Hello there guys,

I will be planning to add a ‘quote in the day’ type code to my site which could pick up several sentences that We’ve written……..

We’ve got 10/15 phrases, and I’d like one of them to be randomly selected and shown on my internet site evry time a person visits.

Almost any ideas how POST should proceed

Concerning the perfect a single…

1st, you have your own text data report.
Just one sentence on every line.

And then, I chose to apply a PHP script which can be accessed using any Javascript.
You possibly can echo using PHP also should you wish.

Here is the text file I am using called " really think. dat":

" I'm happier than the usual tornado in a trailer park. " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" I got madder than a two-fingered cripple trying to return a text message. " - Larry the Cable Guy
" I got madder than a new one-legged waitress workin' with the IHOP! " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" I got madder than a midget with a yo-yo" - Larry the Cable Guy
" I got madder than a good albino hitch hiker in a snow storm. " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" I got madder than a hunch instruction online a limbo contest. " - Larry the Cable Guy
" I got madder than a new one legged man from a butt kickin competition. " - Larry the Cable Guy
" I got as nervous like a long tailed kitty in room brimming with rocking chairs! " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" I got madder than Janet Reno's Impaired date. " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" Makes me madder than the usual deaf mute using bingo, getting bingo, and endeavoring to yell out bingo. " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
" Makes me madder than the usual legless Ethiopian watchin' any donut roll down a hill. " - Larry the Cable tv Guy
I was much more confused than Ray Charles which includes a " Where's Waldo" Guide. - Larry the Cable Guy
My brother got eliminated with the spelling bee. Unsurprisingly, there ain't absolutely no number eight inside the word " pollinate". - Larry the Cable tv Guy
On the opposite hand, you possess different fingers. -- Steven Wright
I got sad because I had no shoes, until I met anyone who had absolutely no feet. So MY SPOUSE AND I said, " Got any shoes you aren't using" -- Steven Wright
My theory of evolution is Darwin was used. -- Steven Wright
Someone sent me personally a postcard picture with the earth. On the rear it said, " Wish you had been here. " -- Steven Wright
X-country skiing is great should you live in a compact country. -- Steven Wright
MY PARTNER AND I spilled spot remover with my dog. Now he's gone. -- Steven Wright
For anyone who is not part of the solution, you're component of the precipitate. -- Steven Wright
" Have you sleep well" " Very little, I made a number of mistakes. " -- Steven Wright
This dental hygienist can be cute. Every moment I visit, I eat an entirely package of Oreo cookies while waiting from the lobby. Sometimes she is required to cancel the remaining portion of the afternoon's appointments. -- Steven Wright
This socks DO go with. They're the same thickness. -- Steven Wright
Police officer, I know We were going faster compared to 55MPH, but I wasn't going to be while travelling an hour. -- Steven Wright
Concerning two very hard to find photographs. One is a picture of Houdini locking his or her keys in his / her car. The other is a rare photograph associated with Norman Rockwell beating up a young child. -- Steven Wright
MY PARTNER AND I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot handmade cards. I got a full house and 4 people died. -- Steven Wright
I utilized to work in a fire hydrant factory. You couldn't park anywhere at the place. -- Steven Wright
I went along to the hardware save and bought a few used paint. It absolutely was in the shape of a house. MY PARTNER AND I also bought several batteries, but they weren't included. -- Steven Wright
I went into the museum where they had the many heads and arms from your statues that are in the rest of the museums. -- Steven Wright
It's just a small world, but I wouldn't aim for to paint it. -- Steven Wright
Right now Now i'm having amnesia in addition to deja vu together. -- Steven Wright
What exactly is another word with regard to Thesaurus -- Steven Wright
Next time i get real bored to tears, I like to drive downtown and acquire a great storing spot, then sit within my car and count the number of people ask us if I'm leaving. -- Steven Wright
Next time i was crossing that border into Nova scotia, they asked plainly had any firearms with me. MY PARTNER AND I said, " Well, what do you need" -- Steven Wright
Fat loss have everything. Where on earth do you put it -- Steven Wright
A lot of people are afraid regarding heights. Not myself, I'm afraid regarding widths. -- Steven Wright

Then Concerning the PHP script referred to as " ponder. php":


< php

$quote  file("ponder. dat");

Header("content-type:   application/x-javascript");
$string  str_replace(array("\r\n",   "\r",   "\n"),   "",   $quote0);
$quo  str_replace("\"",   "& quot; ",   $string);
echo  </

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