Random but quite important question


I used to be just wondering…. How many Joomlarians is there on this forum Can there be many or exclusively me (which is what it looks like haha)

I want my kind in order to follow *sniffles*

Ill say WordPress just to tickle you

haha! POST do like blogger… Havn’t learnt for you to hard code in it yet but will do sometime.

Aw-w-w-w… Well then , i’ll cheer you up with a song!


wellll seeming as there haven’t been any updates to the thread I should be the only Joomlarian from the village…

Crikey, thats 2 medals I should have…. CSS Guru and also Only Joomlarian… Phew…

You know my answer, dude. Please don’t make me posting it.

The way to a while, but I have done plenty of coding for Joomla. It really is so dang effortless to write templates for.

is niagra the 1. 5 era or YOU. 6 / A SINGLE. 7

Hmmm now how do i add them to be able to my profile…. maybe the WDF Dev’s can implement something like this hehe

Good, I actually started out on Mambo. Then, I discovered Joomla right throughout the time 1. 5 became available. The biggest problem I ever endured with it seemed to be that everything appeared to be coded using platforms in 1. 5. So, you’d create the following great layout using divs like a good boy must, and the written content would break it owing to those damn platforms. Of course, I then discovered you can override the conference tables and force it to utilize divs instead. In addition to, I understand YOU. 6+ have scrapped the particular tables, which is actually nice.

Yea 1. 5 tables has been a right pain in the butt… Remember though 1. 5 is around 8 years aged and people were dealing with IE6 so it kinda is smart.

POST do love how 1. 6 and also 1. 7 employ divs now… it’s just soo effortless to manipulate the idea.

On the rare-ish occasion which i use a CMS, Joomla is pretty much the first place I go. Cut my web page design teeth on the idea, so I realize it pretty good. I don’t carry out sites that require something like that very typically.

Ah yes, is it generally static non editable sites you take care of

Mostly, but many of the editable ones I take care of don’t use an entire CMS, they employ off-site ones like CushyCMS or FreeCMS.

oh yea.
Perhaps you have heard of CMS through Scratch I helpful to use that prior to I went that Joomla route.

Hadn’t got word of it, but it looks pretty great.

Yea i ended up being astonished how very simple it was to work with. granted its with regard to basic sites, nonetheless even still it is quite smart lol.

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