Rather Unique issue.

We have landed a big client whose ambition is a rather large online store. They have related to 800 items, but want an extremely simple solution b/c they’ve a person on staff efficient at running the internet site. I thought of going with creating PayPal as well as copying the program code in, but that would be a lot of function. They don’t necessarily desire to go with the actual shopping cart answer (and neither perform I) for cost reasons and also the reason that they don’t have everything in stock. They say that, they would actually need to visit if they had the idea in, and they would have no clue when they may get it for the customer.
So I believe one of the best method is taking credit cards and being very descriptive for the customer about the relationship. How do you take mastercard numbers in your secure way
Also the pages… 30 – 30 websites, 50 – 60 items each. Each item can have a page connected with it’s own. Anyone acquainted with a simple way to have one page that should have this data filled in I don’t desire to create a site for 800 merchandise.
In addition to the seasons transform, they want and therefore completely overhaul their particular website. I was considering cushyCMS so they can do this, but will the free version of this allow for that form of load 800 photographs… potentially 800 pages
It is possible to cheapest, easiest tool for doing all this As it to be worth my time, i charged a decent amount even though We are doing them a huge favor by what We are charged. This is almost all rather unique personally. Need help.

Employing PHP, MySQL for any database… and it might be dynamic (one script for many pages).

The credit card issue will cost (monthly plus by transaction) regardless which CC merchant
you use. Have them first talk with their bank to determine if they can offer the service. Normally,
they subscribe which has a service like authorize. net

You should have to sub-contract your PHP programmer (freelance or business) to undertake the programming.
It appears like you’re not experienced with PHP. Who will be their current hosting company, or don’t they
have a current site

And I’ll finally mention my concern about a web based store that doesn’t determine what they
get in stock, or will present difficulty communicating to be able to online buyers. Men and women want to
shop, click and invest in. Nobody will buy anything from their online store as long as they have to
manage emails or messages or calls. I think your clients shall be very disappointed in
just how it works regarding them. Their shape (as you instructed us), is ruined to failure.

Additional note:
They also have to deal with shipping, damaged merchandise returns, refunds, upset customers,
email messages that need instantaneous attention, and problems with CC issues. All the best with that.

The cheapest, easiest way to begin this would be to program as well as so that people today could upload stock via CSV and also XLS files. The files may very well be uploaded, parsed, data may very well be updated, and away you decide to go.

I’m with mlseim to the process as effectively. You can’t take credit cards from someone for anyone who is not sure if you fulfill the get. The chargeback/refund costs alone (unless it’s PayPal) will kill the business idea. And people aren’t gonna accept " we have these in keep… maybe… call all of us to order… in addition to maybe… we… can certainly… ship to everyone. "

Simple solution for any latter: go to be able to UPS, USPS, FedEx, or any shipping provide of the choice that supplies an XML datafeed along with integrate it when using the site so that shipping can be calculated (if available) on the fly. I’d suggest UPS simply because their XML shipping module will be least flaky from the three that Truly found, and I’ve in addition found their help support team actually has somewhat of an clue (not the full clue, but enough to receive you to the answer if you’re your halfway decent coder).

For any stock thing, though Best way to handle its to update them daily. If hd know if it really is in stock, say it isn’t and don’t guarantee anything.

Which " person at staff" will in addition be packaging, shipping charges, getting the items to the shipper,
handling transactions, managing products on hand… updating the web page, reading emails, replying
to them, taking calls… calling people again, handling shipping as well as packaging errors,
consuming any customer grievances, item returns, in addition to.

I know would tell all of them this: " Thank you for offering me time to work with your
website, but my schedule is actually full now, so I must reluctantly decline. "

I’d disagree with everything aside from the parts related to updating the site and contacting the particular developer. if these guys lack half the equipment in stock, then there aren’t visiting be many requirements (if any) initially unless they have a very product so rare and nearly impossible to find (say pottery or antiques) that your customer would like to wait for it to explode in stock.

I’d rise on just to the sheer challenge involving it. Then once again, I’m a sick and tired bastard.

Online game… I agree that this sort of project would be an excellent learning experience.
I just don’t thing it’s just a good business verdict, for the internet developer specifically.
To create money on building websites, you need every single child complete a
described goal, in a specific amount of time. The job has to " end" someplace.

This specific project won’t ending, because the job isn’t defined.. which has a specific goal.
If the consumer isn’t sure how an online store will work, how may a developer
or designer determine once the job will conclusion… or how a great deal to charge

But I understand you good enough with this forum to agree you’re sick

Depends upon the circumstance. ANY fixed-price job, yes, definitely a fine point. You don’t want work like this pulling on forever.

You obtain paid by the hour, though It’s at their dime that they are stupid. So charge the hourly rate for that setup to access the " live" issue, where the customer can maintain the actual inventory. Then cost an hourly rate for whatever assignments occur after this. If the contract’s put forth with all specs defined, then it could work.

This will likely also work for a fixed-price job That the terms of the work ended with the delivery with the live site and you operated on some sort of month-to-month or anything your billing period may be for maintenance. The problem using that setup is after the work ends, you’re both workin

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