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Apologies in advance if the terminology isn’t quite right right here.

I’m trying to puzzle out how to outcome that ‘Read More’ expansion link you decide on in web internet pages where there’s a lot of text for the table, and a computer owner can see the continuation with the text by clicking for the link but isn’t moved on with a separate new site.

I’m currently using a well used version of Dreamweaver on Mac but it’s in excess of I need and I’m specialist simplifying the procedure by switching to such as Rapidweaver, Freeway etc or one of the other WYSIWYG publishers.

To guage how useful they’re to me, on the other hand, I need to know if they are capable of doing this. My pages are not at all hard, light on graphics, but need the flexibility on occasion to feature extra text.

Any kind of help or guidance very gratefully gotten!

Most WYSIWYG publishers can’t do the particular accordion thing, or if they do, they don’t do it well. although WE use Nnotepad ++ regarding editing, I accomplish have Dreamweaver CS4, and tried it out to see the results : it adds a great deal code that it becomes quite hard to edit should you might want to.

If you are seeking a new publisher – try by using a code editor just like Notepad++ – a no cost download and does everything DW will in code view – just simply no WYSIWYG.

Then do they’re certified for " accordion tabs" and you’ll notice there are a lot of good sites to exhibit you how, a lot of with downloadable computer code.

Thanks in this. I’ll check these options out. And thanks mostly for giving this creature a identify

You’re very welcome – I realize what you necessarily mean about names : it’s heard to locate without them! I’m going for a class right now and also have to remember your names of occasions, selectors, values, etc and where each has been to be used…

I’m intrigued to find out what the home’s about – I really hope you’ll keep us posted when you go along, and in case you have more questions, we have been here!

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