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My organization is looking for testers. I have first concept and the majority of the backend done. it’s actually not pretty just but. if you would want to help me by simply testing, just post during this thread. sorry innovative guys, i might be looking for long-term wdf. net members during this.

oh, the help as well as info sections are not informed. working on of which too.

That which is exactly involved along with testing
PM me with all the stuff we have to do… as testers.

I’m much less long-term as many others, but I’m keen to test it – just what would we be required to do

the choices play with that. tell me what sucks, if it provides a php error rather then one i developed. was it easy/hard to be aware of. that kinda idea. i didn’t build this by almost any standards other then what there’s no doubt that would make it easy to build a site together with little effort and also still support developers that want to customize without mastering an api or receive a part time class only to understand it. separate the static portions of the site through page management and automating things such as image resizing, topic switching, parsing family member img links on document uploads regarding html/css, and parsing exclusive char to html code entities to verify markup when state-of-the-art editing is off(for when the client wants to add stuff and and still maintain markup clean).

Sounds like enjoyment – I’d adore to be customized testers, if you would imagine I could become helpful.


when you in, feel free to feature pages, images, js, something. use it towards the fullest extend it is possible to.

ps. let me be adding creature features being a text editor to the non-advanced content place, a search, items like that. right now i’m just attempting to finish the system. one point of importance may be the uploads. it ought to parse relative urls and remove redundant < website link and < meta tags in addition to the body and web coding tags and sort it towards the alloted storage. ms html will fail because of there char encoding but alot of office suit html code should work. i can agree to allow site owners to make a page for their office suit along with upload it for the site, trouble zero cost, then upload the actual images used along with the software glue it back together.

I’ll check it out, kinda curious.

I can’t upload graphics (. jpg) style " not accepted".

The form boxes, description, terminology seems too much for anyone who doesn’t determine what HTML, CSS, or even. js means. I thought your system should really be for folks that don’t know just what HTML is. Even I had a difficult time figuring it released. You should have a look at Weebly – Develop a free website as well as a free blog… exactly why wouldn’t someone utilize that instead (and it truly is free)

. jpeg or even jpg

really. i haven’t done anything front conclusion yet really. let me be adding a test editor in the non advanced publisher. the stuff while in the advanced editor will be, well, advanced. but let me get to polishing it up in addition i will often be completing the details and help pieces. i can’t want to much about the fact there is always someone with an increased product and at times it’s free. it hasn’t retained ms from making anything. i do thanks a ton for taking a glance. if you include any suggestions about something to increase or take away that will rock too.

and while in the sales pitch " personalize the footer" lol really it can be shiny and includes a good marketing msg but i like mine better.

i’ll look into jpeg later tonight in an attempt to recreate the matter.

i found in which ms gives a file type of image/pjpeg for whatever reason. not sure once they use other goofy chars for photo types so when i changed they conditions. should work excellent now.

Sorry to be tardy to the actual party, but I noticed this line.

Regardless, would you wish a beta tester to the Windows server atmosphere I’ve got the Win2K8 server together with about 90% free space today and I will often have some time afterwards tonight while my own wisdom teeth extraction holes heal (just had the end teeth removed yesterday).

thx individuals. so far you will have helped me discover 2 bugs that i have now predetermined. please post whatever else you find. pester, likes, dislikes.

Alright, I’m going to help post in here as I see these false claims, so it’s fully reactionary.

Very first thing I did had been " signed in". I’m not sure why this is certainly here if Thought about to log to the directory using what seems server permissions. Is there going to be another log in here As much as logins go, Exercise prefer login web pages to server authorization boxes… they’re friendlier, allow for more options, and so they look like the admin sections by themselves. I usually uncover users feel the same way, although n’t invariably.

2nd: I see records for December as well as January with volumes beside them. I find the records (I think), for the reason that relate to web site edits and points. The number next to the records is just not clear, though. Perhaps this really should be renamed as well to similar to " Edit Logs" with evidence above as to what its.

Theme picker works it is pretty straightforward, although I don’t see how you can edit it. Say one example is I wanted that will edit the hyperlink colors for Evening Core (which POST picked). I didn’t see how you can do it.

Innovative didn’t do everything. I clicked the link and don’t see how you can go further.

Header modifying worked.

The page preview don’t show me the content i had entered inside. It looks including the old page. People are likely to expect to observe what they wrote. A WYSIWYG editor option is nice here in addition (with of training the textarea instead for those folks who are hardcore coders).

Just tried in order to save changes with your Advanced Editor placed to " ON", but it surely said that I was required to enable Advanced Editing just to save changes (which contains < p>, < strong> plus < a> tags. ) Was finally competent to save changes, but I don’t see the page however layout now. Should it show up at the end Just saw that in " Article Management". Maybe options should be included in the editing of individual pages in addition. CSS changed my personal background color to be able to red like Needed, but not this foreground color to be able to white.

I hate to be hard on anyone, dude, because I know you’re a brilliant guy and I realize you help a lot of other people about here. But I’m planning to be because it’s a great deal better if I’m hard done to you now than if others who presumably buy the following thing are harder giving you later. So I’m planning to do say a little something I don’t particularly need to say just therefore you hear the truth: you’ve got a considerable ways to go to produce this ready regarding prime time. This CMS is embarrassed, it’s not crystal clear, and there are many bugs in the idea. I think you might be making the architect’s earliest mistake… you’re designing something for you rather than you.

With regards to and think you may fix these things, and that you comprehend I’m not seeking to crush your pride or anything.

i actually caught a few of the bugs and permanent them thx towards the little bit this was done. yes, my organization is a little awkward without a more clearly defined pair of goals but if it’s not hard to do it’s actually not worth paying for. yeas, i have quite how to go and does mention the text editor i am going to be adding on the content textarea. a long way i have predetermined 7 bugs. the new pertaining to themes is on hold till i determine a standardised technique of zipping themes and how to unzipp them as well as build the list from that. this must be done to the modules. but by today, you should manage to build something in dreamweaver for the page including photographs. upload and the item parses out well not required < link plus < meta tags as well as parses local img urls to help reflect local paths about the server in the html and. css. the bug preventing html while in the textarea has recently been fixed. glad all of them are being honest. customers might be much harder at it so it’s cool. thx again for the help.

oh, and the internet page preview is functioning. i was not universally known FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES when building a spectrum.

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