Resizing Page Design to fit User’s Display

Hi guys..
So My business is fairly new to web site design and I constructed
a website with lots of DIV layers more than one frames.
The site sometimes appears here:

THEY WOULD. 264 Productions

However, the site doesnt load want it does on my computer-
Many people have the site procrastinated to the right instead of centered, some people with smaller screens have bottom half not available with a scroll standard added.

Is there virtually any quick fix or best option about making it and so the site is viewed centered, and resizes for virtually any window size May really use some help with this issue- Please allow me to know how I’ll get this to return up centered as well as fitting into anyones window!



You’ve got a mess on both hands with absolute placing. You may wrap everything which includes a div and present it margin: 0 crash; in the css as well as the appropriate width. You’re not going to get it to resize with screens. It can’t end up being fixed without a lot of work, a lot of to post these. You can view one of my web pages in my collection and study your code. They use floats and that is the preferred procedure. Do some practicing considering the float method in addition to post here by using any specific questions you’ve.

Well I am contemplating your code and I do not know what I am thinking about!
haha My apologies, I am only so new to the present.
Can there be any way it is possible to show me what code I would like to use and where I want to replace it


As said above, there is zero ‘quick fix’ for what you long for to do. If you need you site to scale to your browser size than design everything in percentages as opposed to a fixed model like pixels. But if you need everything to size, including your images etc. the results might not be great. What you are asking might not be practical because, not simply do some men and women have 4: 3 OR MORE ratio screens 1024×768 and many others some have OF SIXTEEN: 9 or SIXTEEN: 10 1650×1080 etc ratio widescreens. There are tons of variables.

Typically you only design for the lowest common denominator with your audience, typically either those with 800×600 or 1024×768 tv screen resolutions. Just regarding reference, your site does not display properly on anything but 1280×1024 and above, likely leaving out lots of your audience.

Hi – I recently looked at you source code and also I don’t see any divs : just tables – is a recent change

Yes, he resorted to dining tables! Refer to this site to begin Sam…..

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