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Without doubt people,
i would love to here some opinions relating to this site: http: //www. mediamore. net

What can you like and what that you do not
Just about every word ll be appreciated!

Many thanks!

Gray font coloring on gray background is too rigorous to see.

Nice work with the flash. The opening can be quite creative. A few facts to consider when editing this next time:
On the website, you need to be able to change stdio-studio, otherwise its confusing to the browser.
The opening screen font at the bottom of the page should be a few shades darker, including this sound and by pass buttons.
Maybe employ a tag where the language buttons will be, so people determine what they are.

If not, the colours are usually complimentary, the menu reflection is a " mac-like" function, ‘google maps’ is a great idea, the 3d-like list is appealing as well as the overall website capabilities properly.

This is a very nice style and design, my only concern is the fact it takes extended periods to load up at the beginning (with the orbs) and Need to agree with precisely what mlseim said in regards to the text, it’s too rigorous to see within the grey background. Aside from that though it’s a very nice looking site.

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