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We have seen a variety of sites that make use of a rich text enhancing box and do not know how to accomplish this task. I have veiwed this source on many of these sites, and not surprisingly it isn’t easy to read as the source is commonly compressed.

I used to be wondering a few reasons for these boxes.

First how would you accomplish this. I have though about using hidden DIVs that agree to the input (much such as facebook uses pertaining to PM recipient boxes) But I am not sure that this may be a valid solution and also would require substantial amounts of scripting.

Cost-free question that We have, is there any method to accomplish this process using standards compliant methods

Thanks earlier.

Some employ Flash, most utilize a mix of PHP and Javascripting… called AJAX.

You will discover some examples together with:
http: //ckeditor. com/
or maybe,
http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/

Those are free to make use of and mess-around by using.

thanks on your reply.

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