Rollover Fade Without Flash

I am designing a webpage for an iphone 3gs app design organization. They asked me never to use any flash, since it wouldn’t run on iOS. I am trying to produce the rollovers within the navigation fade within and out with no flash. The only way which i have found so far is to create like 20 graphics each with different stages and there is code that may run through them (sort of similar to 20 keyframes), but I can’t take advantage of this because they have to run it off their particular slow old server, and it already takes a bit to load the site and not having to load in such as 100 extra images (plus I don’t really want to have to make 100 images).

So will there be any way to be able to tween or diminishes rollovers without adobe flash and without a great deal of images

Many thanks

Can you utilize Javascript If therefore, you want jQuery fadeTo. jQuery is brilliant for fades and offers like that.

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