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my business is using a software package called webplus x4 in addition to am running suitable slight problem. my business is trying to build a rss feed and mustn’t be doing a thing right. i possess tried saving with pdf, xml, and the default format throughout microsoft office. i have tried linking to feeds too however, i always get this errorwhen previewing as well as: This XML file would not appear to have any style information linked to it. The insurance policy tree is found below. ANY GUIDE THANX!

Can you give certainly one of the RSS feed you might be creating

That error message might not necessarily be bad.
This will depend on how the actual XML file must be used.

It’s trying to find an XSLT record (style).
The error message you get is a notice, because you do not have one.
Although, depending on the way you use the XML report, it might possibly not be necessary.

Here’s certainly one of XML / XSLT:
http: //www. abbeyworkshop. com/howto/xslt/xslt_templates/index. html


nothing specific i will be simply looking for ways to it to operate it doesnt indicate any clickable back links or other webpages we have linked it to. this is definitely what it demonstrates me.
< really simply syndication version=" 2. 0" >

< channel>
< title> CHECK FEED < /title>
< description> check feed< /description>
< link> http: //www. web-star1. com/< /link>
< language> en-us< /language>
< category> Operate Shows< /category>
< webMaster> exhibitorsstardisplays. com< /webMaster>
< copyright> Legend Displays ALL PRIVILEGES RESERVED. < /copyright>

< item>
< title> check feed xml< /title>
< description> check feed < /description>
< link> rss_1. xml< /link>
< pubDate> NINETEEN Jan 2011 16: 42: 06 GMT< /pubDate>
< category> check feed < /category>
< author> exhibitorsstardisplays. com< /author>
< /item>
< /channel>
< /rss>

with the moments i am only developing a test feed to ensure i may familarize average joe more with with rss feeds.

Record your actual XML record, not what this displays.
You are able to click " view", " source" against your browser menu to examine the actual supply code.

please bare having me as my business is new to webdesign along with webplus software. my business is unclear as to help what you mean in regards to the xml file. the sole xml file when i see is rss_1. xml. i have contacted serif the company who produces the software they usually said to track out the areas and everything will be done for me personally. (i am while using the rss feed software that is definitely in their webplus x4) i suppose an added reasonable question is if anyone possesses used webplus x4 before btw thanx with regard to ur help mlseim. my business is much closer to through than i had been this morning

Below is certainly one of an XML document.
You are able to copy/paste it straight into notepad and title it " check. xml".
Then upload it and head to the URL.

An Rss feed is an XML file.
Hence, look at that example and form yours the identical way.

This particular explains the < guid> label…
http: //www. landofcode. com/rss-reference/guid-tag. php

< xml version=" A SINGLE. 0" encoding=" UTF-8" >
< really simply syndication version=" 2. 0" >

< channel>
< title> REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION Example< /title>
< description> This is certainly one of an RSS feed< /description>
< link> http: //www. site. com/link. htm< /link>
< lastBuildDate> Mon, TWENTY EIGHT Aug 2006 10: 12: 55 -0400 < /lastBuildDate>
< pubDate> Tue, TWENTY NINE Aug 2006 09: 00: 00 -0400< /pubDate>

< item>
< title> Thing Example< /title>
< description> This is certainly one of an Item< /description>
< link> http: //www. site. com/link. htm< /link>
< guid isPermaLink=" false" > 1102345< /guid>
< pubDate> Tue, TWENTY NINE Aug 2006 09: 00: 00 -0400< /pubDate>
< /item>

< /channel>
< /rss>


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