Greetings all, Great forums you’ve here, I’m fairly new to web site design but learning slowly but surely.

I am aware zero about RSS feeds, I’ve googled a bit but really are not able to get my mind around it.

I tested one Feed using Google Reader on the page on my site, however when POST updated the content on my internet site, it does not update online reader, is there ways to create an Rss feed which updates while then content about my site updates

Would really enjoy some help with this

Just for additional information to my problem.

The website Relating to is very essential, just a very few HTML pages build via 123-reg names.

I basically desire to create a schedule/calender web site which I’ll run as an RSS feed to help an iPhone use I’ve made.

The problem by using updating manually by using the AppStore is you need to wait 10 nights everytime you up-date your app, this is why a live Rss feed would really solve my problems.

Search engine Reader checks by default around each and every 3 hours. It’s going to check more often based on how many will be subscribed. Generally all RSS readers employ a setting on how often to check on. So basically only set your reader to measure however often you want, and you’re ready to go.

Now since you need to access the Rss feed via a personalized app, you can allow the user to set the time time period and/or statically placed it yourself. You may prefer to make some improvement web services on your site youngster should be push data for a app (and have data source becoming an RSS feed, so you won’t have to post more than once).

A FEW sec google seek out found this: http: //imthi. com/blog/programming/iphone-rss-reader-application-with-source-code. php

May or most likely are not useful.

Greetings Wired,

I found ways to create an Rss feed from web internet pages with RSS Rss feeds (if that helps make sense)

It’s using GoodReader and FeedBurner by using the steps with this site:

http: //www. labnol. org/internet/create-rss-feed-for-websites/5470/

It’s pretty outdated information but nonetheless the steps work efficiently for me.

My only problem is I’d like the content to update should the webpage does, to ensure the feed is dynamic but this would not work or as a minimum I cannot find a way for it to your workplace.

Does anyone know a means round this.

Case of problem:

I’d like to create an rss feed to the time table for this page – http: //www. splitz-ta. net/classes/weekly-timetable
if they update that time table I need my feed that will update too, even though it’s a 30 minute delay.

When you need more info, please i want to know.

That is what FeedBurner can. It creates the Feed for a site it doesn’t have one, and it periodically revisions the feed. That is one delay level. Then the mechanism on your own site that displays the Rss feed also has a delay inside it. Some use a mechanism inside background that bank checks every x a long time, others check every page refresh (most Feed providers don’t similar to getting hit every second, so make use of the first mechanism).

Without doubt Wired, but while i check the give food to I created, the content were updated even although the website was kept up to date. I left this 3 days and still no up-date.

MY SPOUSE AND I guess I’m stalking you… from additional forum.

I don’t realize of any way you can use this without the database.
And I can’t imagine how we manage/update/amend the present calendar/schedule
without a database. It has to take considerable time to manage. Which includes a database, it would
control itself. You keep incorporating things way in advance, and it displays only what it
must show. Once a new date passes, it stays from the database, but does not show.
You’ll find it creates the Rss feed on-the-fly (or by the caching method).

You might also have others make changes on the database (from every PC).


Really the only time I’ve merged RSS feeds was by using Yahoo Pipes (worked very well, albeit the program is touchy).

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