School Site Concept

Hello, I’m working at replacing this design, and I wished you guys to touch upon the concept Concerning so far. I was trying to go for the glass registration look, with the background being capable to change without effecting the planning.

Make sure you see JPG addition.

It is going to be pretty, that’s for sure.

Bit difficult to actually tell without almost any content there whether it’s going to work or certainly not. You will have to give any focus on overload it (the previous site has rather a great deal going on) – also unsure how the contrast will work. You need to be careful that hundreds of mountains etc. you should not become a distraction.

However definitely worth building from here about…


sd61 correct I’m from north sd41:

the site will be rather large with download size with that kind of a background impression.

It appears impressive, I’m confused if the background is going to be distracting for the primary text once it can be there though.

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