Security Do’s and Dont’s for E-Commerce


Im pretty much to start a new E-Commerce site and want to get all the safety issues dealt with for the begginning rather as compared to half way through just like the last time that is quite alot on the pain.

Here are your 3 main things which i should of known at first of the previous project:

ONE. MD5 Encrypt the passwords if they get written into the database. I didnt use this untill after Inside diameter setup several diverse user systems that will needed this so were required to go back through all of the code and change it all accordingly which also caused issues with several user accounts I’d already created.

ONLY TWO. Escape any files getting written to the DB so challenging users cant go SQL commands by means of an input box. I also decide to put limits on the quantity of characters that may be entered into input fields

THREE. Store database details from the site root so nobody has having access to them.

Those include the first few there are various top of my own head but provides anyone else got worthwhile tips for security included in E-Commerce sites.

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