Seeking Search Engine Advice on registering Domain Names for inventory

Seeking Google search Advice upon registering Domains for inventory

Ok – this could be rather long winded, but I do think that is a unique problem….I’ll need to keep things hypothetical to protect my commercial interests.

It concerns Google and registering Domains that correspond with products on hand #’s.

Imagine you will have an website, selling objects – ‘Pet Supplies’ would be the example, such that it is popular for buyers who get your items might walk into a Petsmart where the items they have to buy will be presented within a catalog inside store and must be ordered.

It’s quite normal for ones products this customers will note the item # and also inventory # with the product and assume home that will google this or price compare online stores compared to.the regional Petsmart, because the item just isn’t in investment there.

In this specific situation, only know of any dozen popularly googled goods terms this customers use to discover my website which can be inventory #’s, would that be smart to register in which inventory # being a domain (.com) and create a mini site or redirection web site to my website.

A pseudo-expert friend explained I’d in some get dinged/penalized by google search for looking this.

I have got to compete with dozens of other on the internet stores this list share # ‘XYZ1001’ upon their web page.Any steps or encouragement only register the actual available domain so that they can draw people today to my personal website.

Hope this may not be a rehashed issue.I’d understand any along with all suggestions.


In the personal recommendation you can take any website name if not they.
The thing usually before you start building the website it need to be optimized adequately.

Online save is established

I have already the main store up and running – as a way to avoid dropping customers to be able to comparison purchasing, I list about the store a unique (internal) inventory # as opposed to the universal one that may be found on the brick & mortar retail store etc along with on several sites.

Thanks on your reply, though – any opinions


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