SEO and ebay.


I market products through my webpage and through ebay.

If MY PARTNER AND I were to make a url on ebay that will my website needless to say obeying ebays protocols of more information with the motor will it be a very good backlink to the 90 uneven days that this ebay internet page stays generally there

Or is it a waste material of time

Just trying to get some fine placements on google for my products and playing a few other ways.


At first Posted through Ch4iS POST sell products from this website along with from ebay.

If I were to offer a url on ebay in order to my website certainly obeying ebays rules of further information for any motor is it a beneficial backlink for that 90 weird days that the ebay page stays now there

Or could it be a squander of time

Just looking for some beneficial placements online for the products and testing out a few various ways.Depends on your blueprints.It won’t aid in SEO nonetheless it might support drive some targeted traffic aimed at your website.

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