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I think Im gonna set up large gaming group, but I first have to ask you this
Possibly there is some script in which gets top15 originating from a counter strike server and writes it using a websiteAnd how to build something like this specific for San andreas multiplayer equipment..

A person play on some of our SA: MP machine, and he can cause on our website this image exactly where will write the name, his grade etc…

Is the fact an actual picture, or can you highlight the textual content on it.
PHP can make actual images (GD library), but I’m not sure what you’re expressing us.

It can be an image. The action server has APIs that you simply hook into. MP for SA seems as if a hack connected with sorts.

Surcharge, show me any PNG type image which has no text on that,
then list the text that should be on it.

I dont hold the. png… I found several tutorial on easy methods to add text at image using php.. just don know can it be familiar with add SAMP numbers on image…

When you can get the SAMP stats proper variable with PHP, you may get it on a good image.
I’ve zero gaming practical knowledge, I don’t really know what SAMP even is usually.

SA: MP = GTA San Andreas: MultiPlayer

Wired… also, that clears it up to do
I realize what " MultiPlayer" implies.

I’m 50, I really know what " Asteroids" is definitely.

Asteroids remains my all-time favorite game.

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