Share your expertise in web design?

This post is for people like me who also have to seek help even just to construct a one-page mini-site.

What does one think should end up being taken care while web designing

This is a thing you employ always and getting a thing avoiding.

Valid XHTML along with valid CSS

Designing an internet site with SEO as the primary goal.

Make the pics and words work together to show what the site offers at your glance.
Great onpage seo.
Check website in lots of browsers – POST usually check ie SOME 7 8, firefox, opera, safari and also chrome.

Can there be any practical advantages to making in force XHTML Or would it be just that it forces that you keep clean, nicely formed code

It clarifies that it’s clean, well shaped.
These have a better possibility of rendering the exact same on all windows.
It will be really important to get iPad applications and also sites.

Keep in mind that iPad and different new technologies tend to be touch-screen.
The location where the links and buttons appear are vital. The rendering
must be exact.

The particular iPad screen is 1024 X 768 pixels. This automatically switches from
landscape to portrait when you rotate it, so if you put buttons upon the
far-right, and your page is 960 pixels, those bottoms are going to be off screen.
Be careful about how you make your internet pages, where things surface,
flat and vertically.

I know you’re thinking how the iPad is not really important now, but
the particular touch-screen, keyboard-less browser could take over all of
the particular laptop and computing PC’s. Apple isn’t alone that is likely to
create those interfaces.

In fact, web sites themselves shall no longer be going to possibly be important.
I don’t think I would really enter the web design business anymore.
The near future of Web3. 0 is focused on programming. Information presented
by applications, not web sites. Static pages usually are toast. Even PHP and
MySQL might not be powerful enough. Brand-new languages and Hybrid
languages (like AJAX became) will become popping-up. There might be a
main push forward having API’s…. API’s for everything! Information at the
fingertips devoid of the web site. My own iPad, PDA, or Information Interface
will know who My business is, where I’m in, and what I need… like a particular assistant.

If you’re resolute about the next couple of years in the world of web design,
become part of the new programming languages which may have not yet been


WHEN I see.

So could it be worth trying to convert existing web-sites to XHTML Spinner them from scratch

Or just pick it up moving forward

(Edit: Will review and reply in your edit shortly)

Just improve.
I have many old sites that really ****.
But I recently keep looking in advance.

Valid XHTML along with CSS. No < table> ‘s for layout. Quality content (improves SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION as well), design should suit the goal of the site plus give customers a great first impression.

Pritty can be spelled " pretty", you are not a very bright spammer thinking of

I do think mainly it needs the eye reeling in design. The headings, subheadings, images and of course decorations. The 3 column and a pair of column would dwell to choice.

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