Shopping Carts and Credit Cards – Confused

Im only selling you product on my site and Now i am wondering:

*Do I still should buy an SSL qualification and setup that shopping cart software package on my server selling just one product or merely can I work with PayPal alone

*There seem to be a lot of scams around also of businesses offering all-in-one shopping cart solutions and bank card processing. Are any kind of legit

PayPal is made on weekends and I’m really fighting this, it’s my very first commercial site plus I while We are not a lamer I have never used purchasing cart software or managed merchant stuff in advance of.

Thanks ahead of time.

Yes, you can use PayPal alone. Even so, it can furthermore be a conversion killer, so WE wouldn’t recommend this specific. Use it being an option, but less your only selection.

The legitimacy from the offers you speak rely on the companies ourselves and their reputations, etc. I’ve never applied an all-in-one carry solution; I build my very own for security causes and because third-party carts definitely suck. But there can be some legitimate non-scammy products there.

There are many legit ones around different variations. AMember gives the software, however you are responsible with the SSL cert and it is a one time deal after you purchase it. Provides additional features, but you should contact them. You can even download a trial run version. Foxy Cart does everything for you. They charge you a flat fee per month and you can even customize their css for making it look exactly like your site for any seamless transition.

I guess employing pay pal is based on on a couple of things…

What is your product

Conversions change widely across various products.. no make a difference what… some people just hate to use pay pal regarding purchases…

The Price Margins

Some people value their products way too low to offset the money necessary for a full taken cart setup with their own ssl… ( avoid Open Source Shopping Carts no matter how tempting )… should you go that course… pay for it… so you get someone to prosecute… if it get’s hacked…


if you don’t have the skills to generate your own… or get yourself a ssl installed and taking care of your server…

short-run… Pay Pal… and or Google Checkout could possibly be your only choices for now…

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