Show different content to mobile users via same url?

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Found this post (http: //www. seroundtable. com/single-url-mobile-seo-13521. html)
Wherever John Mueller is actually quoted: " utilize the same URLs so to show the appropriate version of the content without your redirect"

Can i ask how to begin this I guess through CSS

POST guess otherwise by javascript.. but then what happens if browser/phone has javascript switched off..

Can certainly anyone help

Many thanks

You’re probably thinking about something like this particular. Mind you, I haven’t used this yet personally because Canada’s mobile or portable bandwidth charges usually are extremely restrictive in addition to I haven’t investigated getting a phone which i could tether for you to my router nonetheless.

In that article these were using Windows Portable 5 (anceint) with the lame old model of IE that sported it. (I experienced a phone this ran that)…

Right now, modern browsers such as those on iPhones, Google android phones, etc, format the pages well. TheGame1264, I would likely recommend the HTC Inspire 4G. (You know where to check to read that review lol)…

It is just a great phone and it also renders websites well (And it can run Opera, Firefox, for example. )

many thanks thegame and shovenose

so so, taking into account the device this guy was using, how much of this still applies ie do almost all his rules about floats etc seem a little outdated now, however the basic principle associated with a handheld stylesheet utilizing media=" handheld" nonetheless applies

in other words is having a different stylesheet with media=" handheld", and enclosing the many styles in this stylesheet in
storage devices handheld

methods to show diff css styles if you are viewing with mobile devices

Think about what he brings up about media=" Screen" Do any browsers still contain the problem this capitalisation can be recommended to resolve

(" Notice the capital S in Filter Thats all it will require to get handheld stylesheets in the Windows Mobile browsers. " )

here’s a pretty good article that details the mobile conundrum… so many devices… so many selections…

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/return-of-the-mobile-stylesheet

That is the helpful article.

If anybody hopes to see an example of a really fine yet full showcased mobile site look into the mobile hotmail (but actually utilize a mobile device as it looks like crap for a full broswer)…

Once more, I haven’t used this yet. On the market I’m in, there really isn’t grounds to try that yet.

Thanks all for any feedback

— basically the gist of this article therefore, is that it’s not user-friendly and uncomplicated css to indicate different content/different appearance to mobile consumers. i assume this may be the way to adhere to what Mueller said in the post in my original question, but i believe until a much more reliable way arrives about maybe i should follow javascript/meta

ill post a new thread about redirecting by meta/server side – would be good to know how to do this

Many thanks

Hang with.. sorry guys maybe i used to be reading that very quickly.. is this methods to do it

Can one ask if an individual guys know when i should put this code interior. htaccess in underlying directory And location screen. css in the same place

Only over a unix / Linux established server… Windows would not process. htaccess

Determined by site… Content… Market… Many sites POST do nothing by using.. As many present day smartphones support whole page rendering… In addition to work ok… Only need a " mobile" section… I as nicely as hundreds if not thousands of internet sites.. Use JavaScript for you to detect " present size" ‘ and also redirect to right content… So small filter devices see at the least basic information as well as contact info… But I don’t work with trying to make the entire site visible to help small screens..

This doesn’t happen as such, nonetheless IIS7 can, via rules in the web. config report, process redirects in the similar fashion to htaccess via the rewrite/rules part of system. webserver. Something like this:

< rewrite>
< rules>
< guideline name=" Convert for you to lower case" stopProcessing=" false" >
< coordinate url=". *A-Z. *" ignoreCase=" false" />
< conditions>
<! -- The following condition prevents concept from rewriting asks for to. axd records -->
< add input=" URL" negate=" true" pattern=" \. axd$" />
< /conditions>
< motion type=" Redirect" url=" toLower: R: 0" redirectType=" Permanent" />
< /rule>
< /rules>
< /rewrite>

Now, I don’t know how it would handle say cellular browsers, but it will certainly exist. Of training, if you’re not on an IIS7 box this can be moot, but much more for FYI functions.

Give this particular article a read. It goes above media queries pretty well: http: //webdesignerwall. com/general/the-wall-is-redesigned.

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