simple but urgent

Hi there Everybody,
Properly, I am not only a professional designer but i want to to create an online site for my father and still have done so successfully with the help of adobe softwares just like photoshop, fireworks, flash then dreamweaver.
precisely what next well that’s my question.
learn how to put that in to internet.
I heard about hosting but have no idea how to solution.
will i must upload all my files for the web hoster as well as my computer will act to be a server.
If my computer isn’t the server along with i upload for the web hoster the right way to i update our website.
also learn how to make my computer as a server.
you’ll find more questions nonetheless u know my condition.
so please aid accordingly and endeavor to elaborate
please help me as i’d like to see ot finish it off soon.
Also if u feel the result would be far too big, u can asnwer a bit od the concerns, rest the other people would answer
Thanking You in advance

You locate a webhost and subscribe to a webhosting bill.

You will need to have a charge card to subscribe.
Usually there are some cheap hosts, like www. cleverdot. com where you’ll be able to subscribe
for starterst year for only about $40. That features a domain label, such as your
dad’s name Example, internet. billsmith. com
As long as the domain name is not really already being employed.

You then use a cost-free FTP program for instance FileZilla to include your files towards webhost.
The program form of acts like your hard drive on your hard disk. You click along with drag files back
and forth among your PC as well as your website (while online).

Dependant upon the webhost, you then have all of the emails you can established, some
MySQL database accounts in case you have them, etc. Most hosts likewise have " fantastico",
where you’ll be able to install a Squidoo blog or other scripts using a click of your mouse.

If you choose to use a " free" service provider, keep in mind that they’re not really " free".
Restriction, and poor customer support… you get what you buy.

Thanks plenty for your guide.

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