Simple question: Site intergration.

I am currently working over a site for this Gaming community that will develop and style and design sites for game enthusiasts. I was building by myself CMS and these kinds of, but I seriously am not wanting to dive into message boards and such. So question is, from another standpoint, if I integrate phpBB into my entire development with the site does it look bad for taking the easy way out Maybe I here’s just being fastidious

You are capable of doing enough customization for making it have similar header, make a totally custom style for it, and then help to make custom icons, control keys, etc. then it’s going to be fine

Oh yea Ya, I have fully redesigned all of the graphics in this forum, used a layout coming from a theme I appreciated, and credit is actually given where well deserved. Just wondering what some others thought were for the matter. I really want to access a professional levels, I just am tight by the due date so hard to develop/learn things of a really huge magnitude.

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