Simple question, what have been your financial rewards as a web designer?


You necessarily mean, salary

lol of course.

Completely varies subject to if you be employed by a company as opposed to per job. Then there’s your level of skill, etc.

Yep. You can go look around freelancers’ sites and also see what some people charge, for beginners.

I’m not going to tell you what exactly I make, but here’s a new rough sliding scale for what you might expect to make for a salaried web professional within the USA, assuming you’ve got a 4 year education or better, and you’re smart and proficient at what you do:

0-1 decades exp: 30-45k
1-3 decades exp: 45-60k
3-5 decades exp: 60-75k
5-8 decades exp: 75-100k
8-10 decades exp: 100-125k
10+ decades exp: 125-200k+

Needless to say, if you suck with your job, the sliding scale can vary.

Those are pretty statistics.

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