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Relating to huge ambition for your website, i absolutely sex them. But relating to become stuck regarding ideas. I am only 14 and so have no business or everything to make a site for but thought about want something i’ll get stuck in (i get diverted easily).

Virtually any ideas

The 1st website I made, about three issue, when I had been just 12 appeared to be a fan-site regarding my favourite COMPUTER game, Transport Tycoon. Do you know of a favourite Game, or perhaps people adore a Tv show Just something that could enable yu for you to hone your knowledge. What you need to try and do is to seek out a niche on the web (though they are very nearly impossible to find. Good luck.

Thank you, ill keep that in mind

That’s okay. I always needed a few ideas from others in the first place.

You can a website on something which you find very interesting. I’m into anime, therefore I made an anime website. Try selecting something you would enjoy working away at. I don’t exactly determine what types of elements you’re into, so Make can’t make almost any suggestions. I are aware that you’re in for you to creating websites, although! You can produce website that provides excellent help in order to others. However, there is a great deal of competition in which area. I wish all goes effectively!

whats your web sites url i kinda like anime too and manged to get a mate whom LOVES it.

u should ptu the url of your respective site on your current profile, luike relating to

I will certainly once I surface it. – It’s going through a great deal of transformations this day. Right now the layout is basically plain so a possibility much to look at. Sorry!

Of course, the first web I made, -when We were 12- was regarding some useless programs I made in VB. But it turned out horrible. (IOW- having Frontpage).
So make your blog about something you actually like, so you’ll be able to put a good deal information on this.

thanks to the advice _

ive decided only to do a " collective" with me, of a great deal of stuff i can and like. e. g. a web log, about me and my site etc… and ill help to make some icons as well as wallpapers and set info on stuff like gundam mentoring and final pipe dream (stuff I like).

http: //www. tekp. com

its up now, but only which includes a chronolog, about and also homepage. (blog is not finished yet), its being started with feb 1st (tonight).

i am sorry, didn’t realise. please post here or elsewhere when its in place or PM me as i would like to see the idea.

ok, ive kind of given up within the collective idea…. no one will read it

the issue is – if i make a site about things I favor – kind with leaning towards Final Fantasy here… – then you can find loads of FF sites in existence that are seeing have loads additional stuf in these and everything, its just your competition that bogs me down.

However you like Final Fantasy don’t you Many others do, too. In my estimation, you will make more hits in case you work on something that some people are interested inside. It just takes time to make on it. I can help you out in promoting it with others since I know so many exactly who love Final Illusion. And I’d be content with advertise your website on my site. Just work with what you like. Don’t work on something which you have no interest in. Who knows… maybe your site will be on top one of these days.


thanks a good deal for the marketing tips, I’m taking into account a FF site now – gives thanks Kaoru.

Ill PM you having more updates, fine

If you’re about to make a web site about a topic including Final Fantasy, it is advisable to know the type of quality that other sites in regards to the same topic are generally. Do a quick search on the internet. com, and see the coffee quality expected of a real site. This is where do you start.

ok – will do

the finla wonderland sites going well, ive visited loads and possess a big long all the list stuff to carry out…

its up on the mo but with not much on it, if you wanna you’ll find the site click here

the next fantasy dominion……. *que orga munsic *

What about…

Find someone you know who would just like a website, but doesn’t recognize how, and then assist him/her on the particular specifics.

Ought to be good practice for if you are dealing with real clients and the interminable wish-lists.


yeh wise course of action but i cant visualize any, im pretty busy now nevertheless as i gotta help make two websites for schook and theyre going pretty well.

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