Small Developer, Big Client NEED HELP!

I have just started freelancing webpages and wanted to start off small but lo plus hold, my first client is trying for the biggest project We have ever faced. In other words here are the parameters on the project:

ONE PARTICULAR. ) Client demands redesign for existing website which is 200-300 pages around size
A COUPLE OF. ) Client reaches top of google visit a pretty general key word and wants to keep his high ranking
SEVERAL. ) Also would like CMS functionality over a few select pages.

I’ll code in html, css, and php
My questions will be the folllowing:

any. ) In general, for a average developer, approx. how long would it decide to use convert 200-300 web pages of html into a newly coded style and design.
b. ) any thoughts on professional methods to charge for this
c. ) any ideas on the way to accomplish this without having affecting google rankings
n. ) any ideas on how to integrate CMS functionality over a few select pages and not having to redesign entire website in, for case in point, Joomla

I would really appreciate any suggestions as Personally i think like Im gonna have a heart attack.



You should manage the many content with any CMS, e. gary the gadget guy. Drupal.

If you want not to injure his SERP rankings, you should either utilize current URLs because the page aliases or seek out 301 redirects

If you undertake it properly, pulling the content in to the CMS should receive about 4-6 mins per page (figure 16-24 time of effort). Then general configuration needs to be about 16 a long time of effort, in addition to rewrite mapping another 4-8 hours regarding effort.

Many thanks, I really accomplish appreciate the suggest. I have recently been mulling over thinking about turning the project down. Trying to determine if I could pull this out of well, because I dont would like to bruise my reputation if its would not pan out when I planned. The only problem is your customer is the url to a steady mode of referrals. It really is tough to decide what direction to go.

We have been playing about with Joomla, do you have any advice which CMS is far better is one or even the other change lives with SEO

So, dumb question in the day! In arrangement to convert state 250 pages connected with html to Joomla, Drupal, or maybe WordPress, am I thinking about copying and pasting each one individual page directly into 250 newly produced CMS pages or can there be a more computerized approach



Can you give us the URL to his or her site

If you can see what the 200 pages mimic, we might have got a better idea.
Moseley is actually correct on making use of PHP to dynamically crank out the pages, nonetheless keep
the previous page names intact… this may be invisible to anyone and search motors.

We need to visit what is popular between all web pages. The solution may be easier than you think.


Joomla in addition to Drupal are equivalent CMSes. You’ll end up being fine with Joomla.

Certainly, copy and paste it really is. Thus 4-6 mins per page for setup.


A little more advice… rather compared to turn down the project, quote substantial – say, $10, 000 for the whole project. Then seek a local Joomla expert who will handle all that setup for $5, 000, so you can keep 5k with the design work in addition to managing the project.

Better to begin with your biz on a philosophy of " can certainly do" and with a solid growth plan than a philosophy of " also big for me" and getting stuck with smaller / much less clients.

Long-term, you should try to train yourself to get more of a new manager / salesman than a designer / programmer. That’s the best way to grow your own biz.

smoseley: Thanks for any encouragement! I have experienced some discouraging remarks on other conversation boards.

Does anyone have any single dads Cushy CMS

Also I noticed around my clients present website, he has a few web pages which contains header style tags that incorporate nothing but pertinent keywords. Instincts tell me this has the aroma of black hat. Or maybe am I crazy

mlseim: I apologize but I don’t feel comfortable handing the customers info. What I’ll tell you is the fact that it was designed in 2003 and also constructed mostly in tables.

Cushy cms is actually great for very simple text edits as well as photo swaps, however the client can’t put pages. I use it for a couple of sites. BUT… you ought to be careful when accomplishing updates yourself in that , you don’t overwrite something they’ve updated. I usually " get" or maybe " sync" the cms records before I do anything to them.

good call!

I understand what you indicate.

Subcontracting might be a good method, but make sure you understand who you’re selecting.
Especially ensure that they speak identical language as an individual (English)
I understand that sounds stupid, but you would be surprised at when there is because of words issues.

You have a tough decision to generate…

Moved towards web discussions…

Drupal or Joomla may very well be used. Be aware that Drupal is known for a higher CPU launching than Joomla which might affect the web hosting.

Will be the pages individual layouts (ie different shots and layout) or perhaps simple content Simple content can be incorporated within minutes, images etc a little longer. Make sure any CMS you have has SEO pleasant URL’s enabled. In the event using Joomla, to stay ranking use the alias settings for each page to act like those currently applied. Drupal has equivalent functionality and challenging coded use 301 sent straight or mimic your file layout precisely as it is currently.

You can certainly look during sub-contracting out the images imports. Be careful not to underquote and obtain paid for the 1st 5 days then spend another 10 days setting up the import unpaid.


Before even thinking about, I strongly recommend you have a close look at each of the highly ranked web sites, both the obvious and source value, in order to view why these web sites are ranked consequently highly. Then make sure you manage to duplicate those factors in the selection of CMS.

If some people have excellent field that generate serious volume and drop them, they shall be very unhappy.

You should definitely move the entire thing to a new CMS. If you decide WordPress or Drupal you can probably help this SEO not harmed it. <br

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