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We’ve noticed on some pages the favicon is significantly larger horizontally approach usual 16 BACK BUTTON 16 or 32 BACK BUTTON 32. I have been in search of a method kid do this by using my sites but after thinking about the types of sites that it is available at, I am coming over for the conclusion who’s only works upon https rather then http sites.

Does anyone get any insight or details about this

Bless you,

I thought dress yourself in only be the maximum of 16×16

check out https: //login. are living. com/ or https: //www. google. com/ or https: //www. bestbuyrewardzone. ca/index. jspx and check out enjoy…

Mostly the favicon might be in size 16*16 and 32*32 will be the commonly used measurements. Its possible to include larger images but they may not be likely to employed.

https: //www. bestbuyrewardzone. ca/favicon. ico

Appears 16 X 16 to me.

A 16 x 16 is employed in the subject bars etc of browsers, where would a bigger one be utilised.

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