Small space between header and maincontent…help?

I can not figure out what the matter is here – there appears to be a 1px breathing space between the header and also maincontent and I have no idea of what to tweak to clear out that. Can anyone assist

Website: www. fallick. com/welsh. html

Thanks earlier!

You’ve received some really perplexing CSS, dude, and several of it can be unnecessary. I’m contemplating the unnecessary program code is causing your problem.

By way of example, you’ve got a navbar that has a height of 35px; and a margin-top of -35px. Why You will be able to stack your header as well as your navbar without challenge.

If you’re seeking to fit your navbar of one’s header, do like this:

place: relative;
margin-bottom: 0;
foam: 0;

place: absolute;
bottom: 0;
still left: 0;
width: (define width);
height: (define height);

< div id=" header" >
< div id=" navbar" > < /div>
< /div>

This would prevent any confusing margins which might be probably throwing this particular thing off.

I hear ya – I’m still new to web page design! Thanks for the actual fix, this is significantly cleaner and easier to build my navigation. Many thanks!

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