Solar Company

Once i google my site name

my portfolio underlines higher than a further listing

Hopefully this changes soon, but can WHEN I help it

Nevermind guys as well as gals – thanks – I simply did a direct from my page thus to their site for currently – it sucks for me, but better for them. I won’t get any SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION penalties right

im confused people did a redirect from your page to whoms

I recently redirected from my webpage towards clients.

so that you are saying your clients pages are showing up before your website whenever you google your internet site

no absolutely no no no acceptable example time
Profile Sylvania Web Design
if you click the first image within the page it takes to the actual clients website as an alternative to my website with information on their company.

If you search Solscient Vigor my page about them happens before their site

ahhhh ok now I’m sure… are you responsible for his SEO as well If not I would say thats as much as him to clear up!

Yes, it might hurt your ZE value. Put any nofollow, noindex meta tag for the top of your page.

Well dang — that sucks : alright well thanks guys. I am not responsible for SEO – it turned out just to please earlier times customer.

Most of fixed – normally is higher at this point.

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