(Solved for the most part)Gradient Background dilemma

Difficulty is fixed fairly. Due to fiddling related to 10 min. following posting this. Information. Solution below.; -)

I’m getting our teeth sharp in web development coding and loving it thus far and am piecing together a classy similar to portfolio. Just got performed with my primary homepage (or therefore I thought) and it’s also awesome, works inside rockmelt, chrome, opera, firefox, IE(ugh! ), along with safari. Looks nice smooth.. with one exception. I have the gradient linear background then when and full screen there are the desired change on multiple filter sizes (tested on laptop too) except if you have the screen in half mast. This really is making me desire to pull my tresses our: disappointed:. Personally I’m some sort of multi tasker and it stays like that most of the day.
Concerning a print monitor image that shows the issue and have been looking at this topic. Nothing seems to pops up through severe the search engines pounding.
This css html, body has your height at 100% but what I’m sure the problem is usually, is that Concerning an image that’s stable and bordering underneath and the div it’s in should have the height at 100% as well so possibly the conflict. I made this myself and as if it but if I need to cut it out I can. Possibly some tweeks Allow me to use in css or javascript to key the scroll bar into stopping. to stop this affect. Everything above is usually stable but i’ll attach the underside border image. Any help could well be wonderful, and can help me learn a whole lot. I’ll keep fiddling about it in the necessarily mean time.
the javascript inside just allows with the drop down to figureout in IE.

Value for underlying part image was at a bare position inside of your relative. Change that will value to set with bottom fixed to 0, placed included in the main body tag from the the other divs. Took away your unneeded height benefit and kept a main in the html, body part from the css. Transfered the gradient limitations I had however content area into the html, body portion. Gradient repeats inside a strange way once the screen is on half mast. Nevertheless that’s doable. IE is the only one that doesn’t skew the gradient but together doesn’t recognize this scroll bar or can keep up to date with the fixed bottom image. Possibly opera does this, while not helping any gradients at all. Doesn’t surprise my family, I’m learning swiftly how aggravating IE is. Regardless I want to know if their is a method to fix that, to help this experience.: -D

as part of your css background directive it is possible to set your backgrounds to repeat horizontally or vertically and in addition specify the css background-position, this can help,

As opposed to putting a display screen capture up, would you upload the page somewhere Make can’t make brain or tails of what exactly the problem can be. More importantly, there’s no-one to see if there’s code which may be generating the problem (which may be the root cause of several so-called IE pesky insects… all browsers are generally buggy on many level).

A common thing I could see is a flowery background going through the middle, but I can’t tell in the event that’s by accident and also design.

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