Some Web Design Help…Please!

I simply began a customers website and she has requested the web site be member centered and he wishes specific pages blocked for the public. I only have someone to point me inside the right direction on how I should do doing this. MY SPOUSE AND I followed a tuorial at devolopphp. com and POST created everything and it all looked wonderful until I realized I’d no way involving deleting members profiles. Then I attempted to tackle Joomla and I like the interface every little thing works great though the client purchased a specialized template he wishes to use plus its no Joomla suitable. It is any template from templatemonster. com as well as it’s JS Cartoon. If anyone at all can help me on this that would be great in case any more information should be used please let me personally know.

Many thanks in advance!

would you link me towards the template monster template that’s purchased

Sure here you: http: //www. templatemonster. com/website-templates/31363. html code

Joomla template coding can be quite straightforward, and you ought to have little challenge with coding the template to figure. Compassdesigns. net carries a really good information for Joomla templating which will prove useful.

Many thanks for the suggestion I can check out the actual website now and Love it if more appreciate the force response from everyone

Yea looking along at the template you sent me It’ll be very simple. Most ‘plate is Quests, and I believe you may integrate the K2 module in there too. Good Luck!

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