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We have built a website for any client that is actually basic html/css. My client demands an image gallery that may show thumbnails, while they click about them, to expand. The problem is the fact that my client doesnt know coding and can’t copy and paste code, similar to kind of services like photobucket everytime they would like to add a new image or generate changes. So my question is, does anyone know of an simple phtoto gallery that can help you add /delete photographs easily without kissing the code I would prefer one i always put the gallery code for them over the internet, and they have a login to that extrenal website, make changes, while they save it, it updates on auto-pilot.
Many thanks much!

That is the hard one to answer because you will discover so many pre-made screenplays,
and several methods to begin this. You may would like to start here:
http: //www. search engines. com/searchq=php ajax photo gallery upload& ie=utf-8& oe=utf-8& aq=t& rls=org. mozilla: en-USfficial& client=firefox-a& source=hp& channel=np

Not only do you want the upload part and also the gallery itself, nevertheless , you also need any way
for them to go back and revise things (like a strong admin section). That almost doubles
as much scripting you need to do.

There is no way we can certainly just " show you a script"… it’s a lot more scripting than
can be shown on several posts.

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