Specify Rules for Each Browser in CSS


I’m doing nearly all of my brochure web pages in html in addition to css. The trouble is, Firefox and also ie interpret css program code like " major: 15px; " in different techniques and I end up with different spacing within the two browsers.

Can there be a way I will say:

When Firefox: " major: 0px; "
When internet explorer: " major: 15px; "

Thanks to anyone who is able to help.

Everyone knows that IE sucks, but often search for a way to generate it the same without the need for any browser hacks.

There are actually ways to check for IE vs FF, but there are actually so many versions, and other windows.

Is it possible you will want to sort of " reset" the CSS so that you can render it
reset css – The search engines Search

In fact, only use hacks as being a last resort… they are going to suck the life out of you

Thanks mlseim – I may try the totally reset css.

Realize mlseim, use a new reset file… Eric Meyers reset is defacto standard but there are actually others. Also make sure you set a doctype.

Usually you will just needs to detect IE, that you can do this:

<! --if lte IE 6>
< url type=" text/css" rel=" stylesheet" href=" /css/ie6. css" />
<! endif--> 


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