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Plainly cut and paste the source code from the page on this wordpress site in to dreamweaver and save as being a html page and also upload to my server the article works.
If I did this with the pages on the site would this be operating as a static html site and load faster Or will it be still doing almost everything via the DB plus I’m just filling living with pointless physical exercises

BTW there exists a members section in my site that is controlled by plugins. I imagine I’d keep this location and pages php.

My main objective should be to stop losing pre sales on account of slow page loads…

further info –

  • I am using a shared server

  • The server consumer service claim my own site loads slowly sometimes because it’s just a shared server and it’s actually a WP php site with lotsa plugins.

  • You’ve probably figured I’m sure no coding…..

almost any suggestions appreciated thanks

it uses the actual db to grab content along with stuff, you cant get it done. Try gettign your web blog cached – unclear about wp, and you can turn this kind of on in joomla. Get your image sizes small and reduce the number of post per internet page etc etc.. It probably should not be slow…

regards, I think there exists a caching plugin

Well you can’t do this: i-e copy and paste your blog post data into the dream weaver along with save it as being a new web article.

Their logically wrong, the elements of the web page is definately not loaded because all these elements are placed in to the database.

In terms of speed optimization is usually concern, Its true you possibly can check your written content ratio displayed for a per page. Reduce the number of blog posts every page. Second Check your blog post for Validation (w3c website).

Thanks Jason100
I’m now employing a caching plugin and things look faster… I appreciate you finding the time to reply: traditional:

hate to say it, but its time to improvement hosts.. your obviously using a shared environment that is getting hammered..

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