Spry menu bar in Dreamweaver cs4 placement

Greetings, I need some assist with Spry menu bar in Dreamweaver cs4 placement.. So i cut one or two slices in imageready and tried to position the menu over a slice.. if ever I put the menu about the slice, it re-orients other slices and it looks like this particular:

http: //i47. tinypic. com/4ih8pv. jpg

I am aware there is probably an effective elementary explanation for this.. I think it may have something to do with the way post slice it inside image ready.. also – can you tell me easy methods to slice images making sure that it’s only one box instead of extra unnecessary slices

http: //i48. tinypic. com/swr2ip. jpg

I am aware to use that slice selector button but once i try to mouse over and combine pieces it combines the approaches that I don’t need to combine and the techniques I didn’t sometimes select..

May anyone help my family

Im having this also issue. Have you since figured out solution for this issue If so I would love to know how to resolve this. I have tried out everything my unprofessionally taught brain can want to do and it continues to be a problem…

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