SSO Solution…Need Urgent Help

I dunno in the event that I’m posting inside correct forum but I would like urgent help. I’m currently a scholar doing my ultimate year project with school. I’ve been task to get a prototype/solution for the Single Sign On(SSO). I’ve been researching for about 23 days now but MY PARTNER AND I can’t really have an understanding of solutions found on the web. I currently get 2 computers to promote, software available readily around are Windows Device 2008, SQL Machine 2008 developer release, visual studio ’08. I’m only comfortable in VB. ONLINE and SQL Collection codes and primary java codes. Can any kind souls be able to help me your by explaning step-by-step answer on how I have to do it because my personal programming is fragile too. I never have started anything nevertheless because I’m nevertheless in confusion. My project work time should be left with SEVERAL months, what will be best and effortless open source progression for SSO

SSO to get WHAT Active Service, multiple websites, just what exactly

For opening multiple websites around different domain, exact network, suppose to help authenticate through end users through active service

Do those names have a one or two way trust between them

Are the websites hosted at each domain (assuming JUST ONE per domain regarding ease)

http: //www. vbdotnetheaven. com/Articles/ArticleListing. aspxSectionID=2& SubSectionID=95
http: //msdn. ms. com/en-us/library/ff650308. aspx

COUPLE OF way trust, YOU website hosted at 1 domain.

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