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Can we said which a website is any software project

Are available any similarities between the 2 main models: the Rapid prototyping model and that is a software developement style & the ADDIE design " Analysis, Style and design, Development, Implenemtation, Evaluation" ): -\

I mentioned the ADDIE as being a standard model intended for designing websites in my M. Sc. thesis. Is it recommended because I missed a standard for you to follow when designing the system’s web site.

*My technique are a remote network lab, where end users reserve the research laboratory via the Research laboratory site, which I designed accroding towards ADDIE.

Please correct my own ideas if a little something goes wrong from it.: aimangel:

Needing a replay you need to…


to me, a website is more suited that will rapid prototyping i dont learn how most people do the job, but when i create a website i have a tendency to decide what i need, scribble down a new draft design in writing, knock it upward quickly, decide what when i do/dont think works after which sort any modifications. i think quite a detailed design is generally unnecessary because the more a image design than anything. i find layouts work better with regard to software where you might have data flying about and being processed everywhere we look, but for something that is definitely (more or less) static, rapid prototyping will be the most efficient method to get it completed.

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