static elements?

I believe that describes what I’m dealing with. Looking at this site http: //www. ericclapton. com/ when you select on the list of links at the top of the page much of the page continues to be unaltered but some of the content changes.
is niagra done by placing properties to " static" for want of an better description If that’s the case, and the blog is laid out with its static elements, but secure then design another pages to fill the neighborhood that changes content Can you include the static factors in each web site and just accept make won’t change or do you have to design to fit the area of which does change

remorseful if I’m not clear!

That usually is actually accomplished with a certain amount of caching, and it really is usually a server-side cache. Here’s learn more of how to perform it in ASP. net using User Regulates. Using this, you can cache say a menu without the content, which would explain that effect you’re viewing.

This may not be available in just about every programming language/framework, even though. Some of them operate just how classic ASP should i. e. either all the page is cached or nothing is.

thanks but which looks very complicated for me at this point!

That site is conducted with Drupal, that has modules. Although We have never used Drupal, it’s my which it uses PHP and a database (probably MySQL) that will store and access the info for each module, much a similar way that Live journal and Joomla do.

I understand that in Term Press, the main (index) page is mostly written in PHP, and loads the content in the database into your browser page, the layout which is set because of the CSS.

thankyou Mare, which is interesting. I’ve looked in the source code along with saw drupal thus I’ll do a certain amount of investigating along those lines.

another option will be to dynamically change the z-index of layers, effectively bringing the required one to entry via the " onclick" approach. I used a similar technique in VB programming prohibited. is this almost approach cross cell phone compatible

are you spamming or did you merely forget to article something.

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