Stopping Hotlinking Using .htaccess

I will be trying to include this code around my. htaccess file with regard to stopping hotlinking but i will be having the impression angryman. jpeg, pointed out below, replacing a number my images. Can you please indicate is there a problem

Regards for your help.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %HTTP_REFERER! $
RewriteCond %HTTP_REFERER! http: //(www\. )mydomain. com/. *$ NC
RewriteRule \. (gifjpg)$ http: //www. mydomain. com/angryman. jpeg UR, L

I am just not an. htaccess professional…
But I did find this:
http: //altlab. com/htaccess_tutorial. html

maybe that might give you some ideas.


Cherished Sir,

Everyone helped me solve my problem. Thanks a great deal for your help. That was an amazing site for equally coding and testing of hotlinking.

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