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I need to put a section on my website, that only associates can access. I know a simple method of passwording it, although it’s hopeless, because you will see it in the actual source code, hence that’s pretty pointless. Does anyone know of a better way to do this If your host supports. htaccess information (free hosts may well not), then look at this out: http: //faq. smart. net/htaccess. htm it won’t let me do that, it’s as being a pain in the actual rear Carry out they support PHP, ASP, Perl, and so on. or just bare HTML If it is the latter then you’re basically screwed. Java applets aren’t a solution because they could be decompiled. We are using geocities, angelfire and also bravenet. WE’ve tried liquid 2K, but it is best to down. Vic’s hoping to put together an ftp server i a number of months, but most people need something to be able to tide us more than http: //www. internations. net/ Thanks Arien!!! *hugs* ((Can we’ve found the hug smilies back again please) Do they assist you to cross link That’s our problem, Vic made tons of backgrounds, but imagestation resizes and then, and no … Continue reading

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Need some advice for a new website…

Now i’m 16, love website design, and have thought he would start my own. com just for many experience. I’ve done countless websites before with free hosts like homestead, and angelfire and have lots of experience with HTML DOCUMENT and Java. I’ve never had any good HTML editing or perhaps Image editing software until my primary professional client ordered Frontpage 2002 for me to use. I took a course in web style and design and used Dreamweaver in addition to Fireworks, which WE both really like, but can’t afford to buy. For my new website I think Frontpage will possibly be my primary editor, but as far as graphics move I’m lost. I do work from a restaurant, but it’s smallest wage and Thought about can’t afford in order to splurge on Fireworks or Photoshop. Is there any programs there are various net I can download to work with instead, or any program I will use that’s affordable(under $60) WHEN I paid 39. 95 (don’t understand what US$) for Serfi Photoplus SEVEN from www. serif. com before, check it available – itspretty excellent. (http: //www. serif. com/photoplus/photoplus8/index. asp) I likely will, thanks for the actual suggestion. Do you have your … Continue reading

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Edit pages through online interface

Is there methods to edit a site while it is online with the browser rather as compared with edit the raw script I know associated with portal and blog but at this time I don’t have a MySQL database spare that may cause a difficulty. You can change your webpage inside your browser, but your the only one who can notice the output. Mage, that’s not true. You will use PHP to open, edit, and save any files on your webspace. What do you think you’re using this for this will determine the script you need to look for. I just want an easier method of editing my HTML pages it doesn’t need offline script editors. You mean like a web based editor Some contains (http: //brinkster. com) is one who have a internet editor, which offers the chance to manually edit the HTML/source of your pages. Also, most free types (yahoo/geocities, angelfire) also have similar. Is niagra what you indicate As I believe bfsog was having at… do you wish a WYSIWYG editor or to the source Basically I want it to be built in to the actual website. So I log on also it will give me an … Continue reading

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I need beginner’s tips for my site

My information about HTML is incredibly basic and probably out-dated at this point. I was taught martial arts training of HTML after i was very youthful by my elderly brother. I was a young boy, about 8-9 yoa and made sites about Pokemon, DragonballZ, like a hobby on computers like Angelfire along with Geocities. This was in the late 90′s and at that point, I believe especially for my age my perception of HTML was advanced. Unfortunately I didn’t keep up with the pastime, I’m now 20 years old and I’m trying to find back into the item. I plan on starting an online site, gradually learn martial arts training of search engine ranking, Google Adsense, etc and attempt the long journey of trying to make some profit to supplement the income and university tuition payments. The situation is the fact that I want to have the site installed and operating regularly due to your seasonal aspect regarding my websites matter. I realize building an internet site is a longer process and especially in terms of building traffic it could actually take a very long time. But I don’t even think actually making this page itself need to take me … Continue reading

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